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Rambler's Top100

Dneprospetstroy Target Ltd RAISIO COLORGRAF

JSC "Dneprospetstroy" would like to express its gratitude to Mr Yuri Smirnov, the Director of "Alternativa. Recruitment Agency" for his help in provision of personnel for the formerly vacant positions of Chief Accountant and Sales Department Manager.

Brief references on JSC "Dneprospetstroy"

Location: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Lines of Business: underground constructions, erection of civil and industrial buildings, facilities for water supply, purification and distribution; cleansing sewage waters; reconstruction and technical re-equipment of buildings of industrial, civil housing and social service.

Year of foundation: 1960

During the years of existence the company has constructed over 20 hydrotechnical objects as follows:
-"Aulsky" water duct 195000 mc per day capacity, 52 km length
-"Dnepr-Kirovograd" water duct 200000 mc per day capacity, 72 km length
-"Kacha-Yalta" water duct of steel tubes wall thickness 1200 mm, 11 km length, level gap over 300 m
- Gas duct to Krivoy Rog City
The company has fulfilled a number of unique works, such as eliminating the consequences of massive slump down on Topol'-1 district of Dnepropetrovsk.
A number of works has been conducted in Krivoy Rog, Sochi, Kislovodsk, Mirgorod, Pavlograd, Ordzhonikidze and other cities.

A.A. Seregin
Proxy of Deputy Chairman
JSC "Dneprospetstroy"

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