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Mission, Specialization
Alternativa is the Ukrainian interregional recruitment agency intended for establishing representative offices of international and domestic companies.
Services rendered:
a) 80% of orders consist of recruiting of regional sales managers, heads of branches, engineers;
b) 20% of orders consist of recruiting of IT-specialists, marketing specialists, economists, sales managers, lawyers, logistics, HRM.

Since its foundation the agency completed more than 700 orders for human resources search for more than 300 companies. Our clients location is: Kyiv (50%), other cities of Ukraine (25%), Russia (15%), other countries (10%).
Here are some of clients names and brands which may be related to your brand: VEKA, REHAU, SCHUCO, ISOVER, Camozzi, Tehno-Nikol (roofing and isolation, RU), Empils (paints, RU), Porta (doors, PL), Brama (doors, Ukraina), ChupaChups, RAISIO, Still, Franke, TJCollection etc.
Agency is ready to give contact data of companies representatives who have used our services as references.

Advantages: wide network of representatives and partners
The present network of Alternativa consists of:

  1. 12 representative offices in key regions;
  2. 60 consultants of agencies-partners from Ukrainian Association of Regional Recruitment Agencies;
  3. partnership relations with HR departments of multi-branch commercial companies.

Advantages: effective internationally proved technologies
Technologies and internal standards are based on:
- Gregory Rayters materials (Dallas TX, USA);
- code of ethics of Ukrainian Association of Regional Recruitment Agencies;
- ethical standards of Russian association of recruiters; - professional standards of The Association of Executive Search Consultants, Inc.
On the site you may get acquainted with directors CV, certificates, diplomas and letters of credence, which confirm competence.

Advantages: strong project management skills
Director is certificated by International Project Manager Association as PM, Level D.
Large-scale orders are considered as projects with unique planning, budget, team, motivation, risks, schedule etc.
Know-How is your possibility of day-by-day control via Internet.

Key dates
Jan 1999 launching as training and recruiting private agency
Jan 2000 the second owner had appeared. It was the biggest Ukrainian bank PrivatBank
Apr 2000 first interregional order
May 2002 agency concentrated on recruitment only
Mar 2004 co-founding of Association of Regional Recruitment Agencies of Ukraine
Jun 2004 director purchased the PrivatBanks part of ownership found. Alternativa became completely private agency again
Sep 2004 first large-scale interregional order completed due to cooperation of 3 recruitment agencies
Dec 2005 7 own representatives in key regions. Alternativa positioned itself as Ukrainian interregional recruiting agency
Dec 2008 10 representative offices in Ukraine.
Feb 2009 12 representative offices in Ukraine.
Feb 2010 12 representative offices in Ukraine + 10 freelancers in key regions.

Resources: data bases
The agency has own actual electronic database and may to use partners bases.
For middle positions we successfully use prepaid internet service.
Our image allows discussing vacancies directly with key persons of industrial and building enterprises, distribution companies, technical universities.
Site is optimized for respective inquiries.

Resources: directors CV
The agencys director Yuri Smirnov is 45 years old.
He has 2 diplomas of higher educations (engineer and project manager), an IPMA international certificate of the project manager and many other formal documents proved his qualification.
Work experience
* 11 years in HR-sphere:
--- 3 year: the HR-director of distribution company;
--- 3 years: the HR-director of the biggest Ukrainian bank PrivatBank (more than 18000 personnel in 300 cities);
--- 8 years: the director of the recruiting agency Alternativa.
* 6 years as project manager on military plant;
* 6 years as head of international payment department of PrivatBank

Search and selection procedure
JOB / ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS: To determine structure, culture, competencies, personalities
JOB DESCRIPTION: The derivation of key tasks, responsibilities, objectives, and relationships
CANDIDATE SPECIFICATION: Establishing the essential and desired skills, experience, attributes and qualifications
SEARCH: Data base search; Headhunting - appropriate in certain markets and for total confidentiality; Advertised search following client agreement of draft / design / wording, advertise in chosen media
SELECTION PRELIMINARY INTERVIEWS: Structured interviews to produce a shortlist for client decision, tests

Pricing policy: Timing. Guarantee
Search process takes approximately 30 days for middle management positions. For executive search assignments, the average time frame is 6 to 8 weeks.
Replacement of the candidate without any additional fee is provided if the client dismisses the candidate or the candidate leaves the company within the first 100 calendar days of employment. In case of top-management positions, the guarantee period can be extended up to 6 months. If replacement is not required, we will credit a part of the paid fee as a retainer for any other placement within the following 12 months.

Pricing policy: fee
The standard fee is 20(+/-2)% of annual gross remuneration of the hired candidate. The final amount of service fee is to be determined after getting the detailed job description of the position, but it is no less than 2000 EUR.
The fee, as a rule, is to be paid in two parts. The advance payment, comprising 33% of the fee is paid upon the signing of the Contract and is not refundable. The second installment is due after the candidate reports to work.
The client pays for all charges connected to the organization of interviews. In the process of search, it may become necessary to change the requirements of the position. In the majority of these instances, this means additional work for the consultant. For this reason, Alternativa reserves the right to correct the rate of commission and the terms of execution of the order in consultation with the client.

Contact Information

Alternativa, Recruitment agency, Ukraine

Director: Yuri SMIRNOV
Cell: +38-067-5688988 (7 days/week)
E-mail:smirnov @ r a g e n t a . c o m

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