The Association of regional recruiting agencies of Ukraine
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Rambler's Top100


Our specialization
1.1. We specialize in:
- chief engineers, project managers;
- trade managers and regional representatives;
- financial-economic top managers;
- administrative, trade and economic staff.
1.2. Our customers' geography:
- Ukraine (30%)
- Internatiional companies (70%)
1.3. In 1999-2001 the agency used to provide employment services and short-termed courses. Since 2002 we have refused the above mentioned, and concentrated on recruiting. In 2003-2004 we paid more attention to consulting and developing of branch network. In 2004 Alternativa entered to the Association of regional recruiting agencies of Ukraine (cyrillic abbreviation: ARKA, Since 2007 we provide service of staff leasing. Since 2008 we controled net of 12 branches. On 2010 we are going to organise higly specialized departments including FMCG, Oil and Gas, Metalls and Minerals.

2. Pointed on customer
2.1. We aim to know our customer's needs, corporate peculiarities and strategic targets as detailed as possible. And we succeed in it, as it is proved by our references.
2.2. Our office is situated in downtown, surrounded by hotels, good traffic network, large free parking place.
2.3. Our working-hours are 9:30-19:00 from Monday till Friday;
we are available on our mob.phones since 7:45 to 21:15 for the whole week;
our telephones are tooled up with mini-station functions;
our phone numbers, e-mails and URL are easy to remember;
we use cellar phones.
2.4. We are ready to consult both individually and in public.
2.5. We improve HR-services' and recruiting image through mass-media articles and conferences.

3. "Procurer-customer" relationships exist inside our agency
3.1. Nowadays 50 consultants are working in 12 branches of our agency. They specialize in the following directions:
trade; financial and economic; industrial; IT; administrative and junior trade staff.
3.2. System administrator, psychologist and accountant assist our consultants.
3.3. Besides administrative functions our director carries out strategic planning, tuition, marketing and PR-functions. Director does recruiting functions only in exclusive cases.
3.4. Our technology of making orders allows to attach several consultants on different stages of one order. Special technology of keeping orders is worked out to achieve the consultants' interchangeability.
3.5. Work-pay system is elaborated according to tactical plans. Consultant's bonus depends on execution of individual orders as well as orders of all agency, on presence of unfulfilled orders, and on achieving personal development goals.

4. Possibility of external control
4.1. Agency works out and formalizes its own internal standards.
Theoretical base arises from G. Rayter's subscription library, ethical norms of ARKA and professional standards of The Association of Executive Search Consultants, Inc.

5. Prevention of reject instead of correction of its consciences
5.1. We have accumulated great experience of victories and defeats since 1999. Our director and heads of branches have been working in staff recruiting (personnel departments of companies and bank, recruiting agencies) for more than 10 years. Here you can see our director's CV.
5.2. We speak common language with:
- technologists,
- trade-specialists,
- IT-specialists,
- economists,
- managers in external economic activity,
- personnel department workers,
- top-managers.
5.3. We consult in labour market situation, we take part in formation of payment systems, we work out budgets for our customers' independent recruiting.

6. Administrant is the main controller of quality.
6.1. We try to work with common standard for resumes, electronic form only.
6.2. We improve the technology of electronic massages handling with using filters, automatic answers and re-addressing.
6.3. Uniform database of order stage is kept.
6.4. We do not pursue quantity at the cost of quality, that is why we possess enough human resources. One consultant can lead from 2 to 5 customers simultaneously depending on complexity of the order.
6.5. We inform the customer about interim stages of the order, to be able to correct all inaccuracy of technical task beforehand.
6.6. Our agency development in 2008-2011 was determined with business-plans and budgets, which were based on 4-year strategic plan of agency development.

7. Marketing policy
7.1. As a rule we do not take orders if it is kept by more than two agencies; even so we collaborate with other recruiting agencies on complex exclusive orders.
7.2. We cherish our brand and do not introduce inappropriate candidates, if we can not find appropriate ones; in this case we offer our customer variants of technical task updating beforehand.
7.3. We aim at improving of recruiting image in whole, that is why we do not take orders, which are understood to be impracticable; in this case we are ready to give contacts of other agencies in our city and point out those, which may take the order.
7.4. We adhere to contract price policy. A base order cost is 1.5-2 specialist's monthly income including compensatory package. Base guaranty is pay-free exchange of candidate during 3 month. We are ready to enlarge guaranty terms with minimal compensation of our risks, that is 15-20% of base cost for each additional month of guaranty.
7.5. We pay much attention to our customer needs and are ready both to abridge recruiting cycle and to complicate it with special tests.
7.6. 10% of our budget is assigned to advertising. Every staffer has business cards, we are registered in local and panukrainian data books, we dispose direct and indirect (PR) advertisement in local and panukrainian mass media. Specialists from different regions of Ukraine entrust us with their resumes. But the most prizable advertising for us are our grateful customers and candidates.

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