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Dneprospetstroy Target Ltd RAISIO COLORGRAF

Concern RAISIO is a leading finnish enterprise dealing with food, fodder and chemical industries, having the turnover above EUR 80000000 and the production sites in 17 countries of the world.

The Concern produces a wide range of foodstuff of margarine group, processed grain and potato products, fodder for domestic breeds, poultry, fish, fur animals, and chemicals for paper manufacturers as well as a lot of other stuff.

Urged by the increasing volumes of export into Ukraine concern RAISIO established its representative office in Kiev.

As the company had expanded in time, there appeared a vacancy of a Regional Sales Manager for the eastern region of Ukraine.

We faced a task of finding a competent and responsible specialist within rather short period of time. The candidate had to be an apt organizer, capable of selling and negotiating, a responsible expert in bookkeeping and documenting in the trade. Experience in the area of foodstuff sales, brands promotion, knowledge of distribution build-up basics were the requirements as well.

We have not regreted a day about our choice of "Alternativa" Recruiting Agency. The officers of the Agency managed to find the candidate in strickt compliance with our application. Requirements for both personal qualities and working qualifications WERE met. We are quite happy about the results of work of the Regional Representative that we employed through the Recruiting Agency.

We are grateful for the high quality of the work done, and we are ready now to recommend the Agency as the entity that abides by the interests of a Customer, gives guarantees to a Customer and fulfills diligently its obligations.

With best regards,

Konstantin Morgulis,

Director General,
Raisio Foods in Ukraine.

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