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Dneprospetstroy Target Ltd RAISIO COLORGRAF

"ELIT Ukraine" Company has started its activity in May 1995. "ELIT Ukraine" is a part of ELIT group, which functions also in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania. Nowadays assortment of the company consists of more than 50 commodity groups including automobile spares and chemical goods (for more than 200 000 names)

The network, functioning in Ukraine, consists of 8 branches (Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Lvyv, Uzhgorod and Odessa), distributors and partners.

"ELIT Ukraine" Company Ltd. (Kyiv) works with "Alternativa. Recruiting Agency" Ltd. since 2001. Thanks to this company's help two regional representatives and trade manager have been found for our Dnepropetrovsk branch.

Last search was for technical expert with organizational skills and trade and managerial experience for vacancy of Dnepropetrovsk branch director. "ELIT Ukraine" Company is utterly grateful to "Alternativa. Recruiting Agency" for managing this task.

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