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Dneprospetstroy Target Ltd RAISIO COLORGRAF

"Target Ltd" expresses its gratitude to "Alternativa. Recruitment Agency" for their high level of professionalism and hopes for further mutually rewarding co-operation. Our basic line of business was the retail of plumbing equipment and bathroom furniture produced by Italian firm Marco Trevi. The retail was effected trough a net of shops in Moscow, Kiev and big cities in Russia and Ukraine. Since we started to develop branches in the year 2002, we had to recruite a director and staff for our trading centre in Dnepropetrovsk.

We were facing quite a difficult task to find a competent and industrious officer within a very short period of time. We required a manager would be capable of organizing business, promoting sales, conducting talks, making a team. The proposed position also required competence in accounting and documenting of trade, and the candidate should have working experience in analogous position. Having reviewed some recruitment agencies, we set our choice on "Alternativa" agency, and it was a lucky choice. Having filed our application, the staff of "Alternativa" picked out the candidates right up to our requirements. Personal qualities of the candidates were taken in account as well as professional qualifications. We had only to choose the best one. It took "Alternativa" only two months to complete the staff of the trade centre.

We can recommend "Alternativa" as the agency that is fully devoted to a Customer, abiding by its obligations and offering unique guarantees of its services to a Customer.

O.G. Khlevitskaya
"Target Ltd."

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